Hello Reader,

A couple of days ago I finished the book bird. It was a brilliant book but was very sad at the start. It is about a boy who thought he was a bird and jumped off a cliff trying to fly. Then his sister finds someone called John and it goes on from their. The book is a bit complicated because people change their names but if you get your head around it, it is a very good book. I would give the book 4 out of 5 stars.


Hello Agian,

I am here to talk to you about the accident of a book that is Dragonkeeper.

I have read up to chapter 5 (I would read more but I was told to just read it as a class, and not read any further) and I do not like this book at all. There are many different covers of this book, but I prefer the new cover, because it attracts me more to the book. I would put this book under fantasy because it has dragons.


‘The Iron Trail’, Good…..or Bad

Hell Reader,

I have just finished ‘The Iron Trial’. Well, let me tell you I was correct. The book was very bad, with clear grammatical issues. If a good author, like J.K.Rowling, wrote this book, I will tell you, it would have been a hell of a lot better. But in saying that, that was just the first half. In the second half the book is intriguing, it’s a page turner, you want to just keep reading and reading. It gets interesting, and something major happens that just turns around the book completely.This book is a lot like ‘Harry Potter’, and doesn’t leave out some references to ‘The Hobbit’.

The Iron Trial


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Happy Reading!

Batman Completed

Hello reader,

I have just finished “Batman Knightfall Volume 2: Knightquest”. If you have read my previous posts, than you will have noticed that I usually call the book Batman Knightfall Knightquest Volume 2. I was mistaken. There are three volumes in the series and each has a different name after the volume, in this case Knightquest. Anyway, onto the book.

This book is about Batman. But not as we know him. Batman is no longer Bruce Wayne, but is now a man called Jean Paul Valley. In the book it has how Jean Paul Valley is as batman, which is a bit more violent than the previous batman. There is one sad bit in this book where it talks about Jean Paul Valley’s parents. But I won’t spoil anymore, and if you want to find out more than read the book! I would categorise this book under “2nd in a series” because it is the second volume in a series of three.

I am still reading “Tails from the Perilous Realm”. I am currently reading the second book in this called Farmer Giles of Ham. I will probably take a long time to finish that though. Why? you ask? Well, I have recently enterd in The Reader’s Cup. This is a competition between many different schools. You have to read chosen books and then are asked questions about them during the competition. The first book I have been assigned to read is ” The Iron Trial”. I have read the very start of this book before, and unfortunately, did not like it. But hopefully that was just the start of the book. Apparently it is like “Harry Potter”, which in my opinion is a fabulous series.

until next time,

BatmanHappy Reading!



Hello Again

Hello again!

Since my last post I have unfortunately not completed any books, for I was caught up in assessment. I have read more of “Batman: Knightfall Nightquest Voume 2” and have finished one of the short stories (roverandom) in J.R.R Tolien’s “tales from the perilous realm”.

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Samuel Buckland, Padua College


Hello all,

My name is sam and I am in year 7 at Padua College and this is my reading bingo blog. I do enjoy reading and I do it sometimes in my free time. I think I will read about 11 books because I read lots of books but they are fairly big books. My favourite genres are fantasy and young-adult fiction. I am currently reading Tales from the Perilous Realm, a fantasy book by J.R.R Tolkien. I am also reading Batman: Knightfall Knightquest volume two, a graphic novel.

Tales from the perilous realm


Thankyou for your time,

Samuel Buckland